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Julie and The Phantoms is a musical comedy-drama that received a good response from the audience and managed to set a fresh tone for musicals. Dan Cross and David Hoge’s creation not only was praised for its awesome characters but also the soundtracks it gave to us.
As we know, the year 2021 was not a happy one for the show’s fans as no major update was shared about its future, be it its cancellation or renewal. But for our love for the show, we would keep our belief to the latter and find out what possibly can go down with season 2 of the show.
As of now, no updates regarding Julie and The Phantoms Season 2 have been out from the creators despite season 1 being aired in 2020. But if we are to believe about the finale of the previous season, there are high chances that the show will get a definite renewal. As the show garnered a lot of fan following and viewership, Netflix won’t shy behind in making its subsequent instalment.
Season 1 ended with a lot of suspense, along with the leading lady becoming the love interest of one of the ghosts in the band. This surely has excited the fans, and they want to see what next will happen. So let’s hope the news is out super soon!
Since there isn’t any sure information about the show’s renewal, it is tough to assume the release of this series with a new season will happen by 2022. However, updates about its creation will probably make a way in the near future, and that will enable us to make a fair prediction of its airing.
But if rumours are to be believed, then filming of the second edition is already in the pipeline, and if that becomes true, then fans can expect it to be out on Netflix by 2022. So let’s hope for the show to be underway its making or at the least confirming its creation by 2022 in order to satiate the curiosity of the avid fans.
There are fairly high chances of the lead actress romancing one of the members of the band, and also a love triangle can also be seen forming. There can certainly be more light on what connection exists between the ghost characters to this world and how they switch between the two. These are just predictions from our side, so for the actual plotline, the official update has to be waited for.
With most of the answers to the cliffhangers in season 1’s finale, season 2 can also probably show ghosts coming back to life! Well, as many viewers were still confused about their identity in season 1 as they were visible while they performed and not the other time, it can be assumed that more ways about their appearance and presence can be experimented by the creators in the new instalment.
So let’s patiently wait and pray for the latest update regarding it to be out soon!

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