TikTok gossip accounts are shaking up the media biz – The Hustle

Hot tip: If you want to run into your favorite TikTok star in the wild, head over to BOA Steakhouse in Los Angeles. According to the New York Times, the eatery is a “hot spot for Gen Z influencers.”
It’s also where you’re likely to find Fletcher Greene — a 38-year-old paparazzo who has landed more exclusives with TikTok stars than Us Weekly could dream of.
With 1.5m followers, his YouTube channel, The Hollywood Fix, is like TMZ for the TikTok generation.
And it’s part of a wave of new media companies that are out-gossipping the former titans of gossip.
Back then, a flurry of new tabloids — like Broadway Brevities, Town Topics, and the Tattler — made an art form out of urban socialite gossip.
That skewering tabloid voice we know so well? You can trace it to the original scandal kingpin, Stephen G. Clow, who owned Brevities.
What we’re seeing now is another revamp. These Insta publishers are using influencer drama to build out their own media empires — ones with the followers and personality to rival some big-name newspapers.
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