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The question on everyone’s mind right now is whether HBO plans to order The White Lotus Season 2? Director Mike White weighed in on what a second installment might look like to numerous outlets. Although the limited series was never intended to be more than six episodes, the executives at HBO finally renewed it for a second season on Aug. 10, 2021. An update to this article is below.
The White Lotus airs on HBO at 9 p.m. EST on Sundays throughout July and August. Viewers with the HBO app and the HBO Max app can stream the new series at 9 p.m. The White Lotus Season Finale airs on Aug. 15, 2021, at 9 p.m. EST. Sadly, the limited HBO series only has six episodes right now. However, hopeful fans can now rejoice at the upcoming White Lotus Season 2.
On Aug. 10, 2021, news broke that HBO renewed The White Lotus for season 2. Deadline shared the update; however, the new season happens at a new location with a completely different cast of characters.
#TheWhiteLotus will extend its stay at HBO, which has renewed the social satire for Season 2 https://t.co/SwfCXtxXsD
“Mike has once again delivered a quintessential HBO show, and it’s the talk of the town,” EVP Programming at HBO, Francesca Orsi, told the outlet. “We were thrilled to hear where he wanted to go next, after closing this epic chapter in Hawaii, and can’t wait to keep following him wherever he takes us.”
Hopeful fans believe maybe White could bring back at least a few of the main characters for the new season. However, a location and cast hasn’t been released for The White Lotus Season 2.
Mike White hoped to create The White Lotus Season 2 before HBO announced the plan. He spoke to several outlets about possibilities before the news broke on Aug. 1. Below are a few of the ideas he shared before the renewal.
“We have had discussions, but it remains unresolved,” White explained to TVLine. “It would have to be a different hotel, like, say, The White Lotus: San Tropez or something.”
#TheWhiteLotus Season 2: 'Discussions' Underway About Possible Renewal at HBO (Exclusive) https://t.co/PIk1ULCUGR
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The director also indicated cast changes in the next season. Not every guest would coincidentally go on vacation to a different resort at the same time. However, White believes some cast members could return.
“I don’t think you can credibly have [all the Season 1 guests] on the same vacation again,” he told the outlet. “But maybe it could be a Marvel universe type thing, where some of them would come back. We only made one-year deals with the actors, so we’d have to find out who is even available.”
White also spoke to The New Yorker about a possible White Lotus Season 2.
“My hope is that maybe HBO will want to do another round of White Lotus,” the director explained to the outlet in July. “I feel like it might take place at a sister hotel, a different kind of seasonal thing. I think there’s another season in me that kind of has a different way into this that I think would be cool if they’d let me do this.”
Luckily, White finally got his wish when this article was updated on Aug. 10, 2021.
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While awaiting news about The White Lotus Season 2, there are a few similar shows to watch. Many fans love HBO and Mike White’s Enlightened from 2011. Although the series received critical acclaim, HBO canceled it after two seasons. The show follows the story of a business executive, Amy Jellicoe, played by Laura Dern. In the comedy-drama series, her life comes crashing down, and viewers watch as she attempts to put it all back together.
Another HBO series, Succession, is a similar comedic satire to The White Lotus; however, on a larger scale. Brian Cox portrays Logan Roy, owner of Waystar RoyCo; however, his health deteriorates in the first episode. In the subsequent episodes, his children fight over who gets to take over the company when their father dies. Viewers can stream both Enlightened and Succession on HBO and HBO Max.


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