Home Netflix The Dragon Prince Season 4: Will Netflix Release It In 2022 or 2023? – Gizmo Story

The Dragon Prince Season 4: Will Netflix Release It In 2022 or 2023? – Gizmo Story

The Dragon Prince Season 4: Will Netflix Release It In 2022 or 2023? – Gizmo Story

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The animated television series Dragon Prince had come up with season 3 in 2019. Since then, fans have been waiting for any update on the next season. However, the production of this American anime series has been delayed for several reasons. The writer of the series Aaron Ehasz has updated that the scripting for season 4 is already completed, and the storyboard is in process.
The story follows Prince half brothers Callum and Ezran along with the Elf Rayla. For years there has been a conflict between the human world and the world of magical creatures, Xadia. Three of them, while taking care of the baby dragon Prince have to create peace between the two worlds.
The conflict arises when humans start using black magic, which deteriorates the life essence of the magic world. Because of it, the magical world was separated from the human world, and a lava river was created between two worlds.
At the end of season one, we come to know that the human king Harrow along with his advisor Viren has killed the dragon king and his heir. However, Ezran, Callum and Rayla come to know that the heir egg of the dragon king was not destroyed, and they leave for a dangerous mission of finding the egg and saving the dragon king. At the end of the season, the egg hatches, and the infant dragon Prince appears, who is named Azymondias.
The second season shows how the wicked Viren tries to create a war between humans and Xadia. He also is in contact with a mysterious elf who is imprisoned. At the end of the season, two Callum becomes the first human to get access to the primal magic by making a connection with Sky Arcanum. Meanwhile, Viren’s plans come to light, and he is imprisoned for treason.
The third season follows Ezran, Callum and Rayla while they are on their journey to return Zym to his dying mother. Viren gets out of the prison and now leads armies against Xadia. The elves and their allies fight against Viren and the human army and win. In the end, Zym is back home with his mother and Viren is saved by Claudia with the help of black magic.
The story and the animation are very enchanting, making it a popular American animated series.
The first season was released by Netflix on September 14, 2018, which was followed by the second season in February 2019 and 3rd season in November 2019. Netflix has already renewed the series for four more seasons. It is also the reason fans thought the new season would release in 2021.
It has been announced that season 4 of Dragon Prince will be titled ‘Earth.’ According to recent reports, the production of season 4 is in its final stage, and it is most likely to be released in the first half of 2022. This means that the wait is almost over, and another interesting season is on its way.

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