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While competing on The Circle season 2, Chloe Veitch and Mitchell Eason became interested in each other and quickly hit it off after the show wrapped. Although she claimed they video chatted often and talked about their future, he insisted they didn’t have an “official” romantic relationship. After three months, the British reality star revealed the two decided they are better off as friends.
During her time on the reality competition series, 22-year-old Too Hot to Handle star Chloe Veitch became closely aligned with Trevor, and the two often flirted with each other.
After finding out Trevor was actually his wife, DeLeesa St. Agathe, she set her sights on 22-year-old Pennsylvania native Mitchell Eason. The two hit it off following their time on the show, and she shared they kissed off-screen at the finale.
I spy a romance happening… @chloe_veitch @Mitchell_Eason #thecircle #TheCircleNetflix pic.twitter.com/ShjybVb8s0
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During the May 2021 update, Veitch also said the two video chat very often. However, while answering questions on YouTube, he insisted they weren’t “official” but “have a relationship.” Additionally, the former contestant praised Veitch, calling her “beautiful inside and out” while still noting the pair hadn’t figured anything out yet.
In an interview with Cosmopolitan, the British reality star claimed she and Eason had conversations “about the future” and stated they haven’t put a label on their relationship yet due to the distance as they live in different countries. However, she insisted their connection is romantic and more than a friendship.
Three months later, in Aug. 2021, Veitch shared a statement on her Instagram Story, updating the fans on their current romance.
She explained the two have decided the long-distance and “pressure” has caused them to take a step back romantically but promised they would always “be in each other’s lives” and stay “the best of friends.”
Chloe has finally arrived in the USA and look who she is hanging out in LA with!!!!  #ByeTrevor #HelloMitchell pic.twitter.com/KFwxw4JX4i
As she lives in Essex, London, and he resides in Los Angeles, the two concluded that living so far apart proved “harder than it seems” to continue a romantic relationship.
A couple of weeks before announcing their split, Veitch met with Eason in LA to collaborate with style influencer Lucas Castellani. Following the announcement, he has continued to leave flirty comments on her Instagram posts.
After appearing on Too Hot to Handle, Veitch tried her hand at reality competition series, The Circle, joining from the first episode. She became close with “Trevor,” portrayed by his wife, and 28-year-old LA native Courtney Revolution.
When Eason joined the chat during the fifth episode, he and Veitch hit it off, but he became a target after revealing his doubts about Trevor. He also had difficulty getting into an alliance or receiving votes to become an Influencer, ultimately getting blocked by River (Lee Swift) right before the finale.
What I Needed: THIS @CircleNetflix Reunion Between @Mitchell_Eason & @chloe_veitch ❤️ pic.twitter.com/hVVPDhb0Z0
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Eason complimented Veitch several times during his time on the show and made it known he was interested in her. However, she preferred flirting with Trevor at the time. Even though she and Eason seemingly tried, the long distance between the lovebirds proved too complicated, and they decided to continue as friends.
The Circle returns to Netflix in Sept. 2021.


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