The 5 most viewed Netflix series in the last week (December 6-12) – Market Research Telecast

December 13, 2021

We are slowly approaching the middle of what is the month that will close the year with a new week that left the most popular in terms of series on the streaming service Netflix. After a long time, The Squid Game was surpassed by Rumbo al Infierno, another South Korean content, and her expectations of repeating the brand seem impossible with the premiere of the final episodes of The Money Heist. Or did Spanish fiction not do enough? Review here the Top 5 of the most chosen on the platform between December 6 and 12!
Since its official launch on the platform on September 17, it topped all possible audience rankings, but time has passed and it is understood that it will abandon its leadership. However, it is notable that it remains within the Top 5, confirming that we are facing the great furor of the year in terms of content for television. It is currently working on its second season and we await news.
When it premiered in 2020, many were surprised by its instant success and that was what led the company to make a fourth season, which premiered on December 3 and remains among the most popular. It is a children’s show about a group of teenagers who attend a camp and must band together to survive when dinosaurs appear to wreak havoc.
The great sensation of our time are superheroes, without a doubt, and that is why this show is among the most viewed in the world. The third season arrived on the platform on December 8 with the story of the young characters of the DC Universe, who grow and find belonging in the group.
One of the silent successes of streaming, since it has not had enough promotion as other productions have. On December 1, its third and final installment arrived, with episodes that will mark the future of the Robinson family with dangerous situations that will make them put to the test to survive.
On Friday, December 3, Netflix launched the last five chapters of the Spanish show, closing one of the most chosen stories in the history of the platform. That is why its stay at the top of the ranking is not a surprise, since it has millions of fans from all over the world who regretted its end. In the same way, the universe of the series will continue with a Berlin spin-off, of which there are few details.
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