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Rosamund Pike stars in the Netflix film ‘I Care a Lot.’
The past couple weeks have really encapsulated what has been a lively, unpredictable year for Netflix’s Top 10 list. Unlike the stable and fairly predictable TV show rankings, the year of 2021 has seen dozens of different movies (which are largely third-party projects) filter in and out of Netflix’s daily rankings each week.
Case in point: today we saw the sixth different movie already in March, Yes Day, claim the #1 position. And I’m guessing this trend will continue for the foreseeable future.
Which is great! Because the yearly rankings for the most popular movies on Netflix will be a much wilder and more varied list than they was last year.
Plus, there are plenty of big movies coming up this year, such as Joe Wright’s The Woman in the Window (which will make its Netflix debut on May 12) and Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead (May 21). Which means the 2021 Netflix rankings will see lots of movement in the near future.
But for now: which movies have been the most popular so far this year? While we don’t have exact statistics (because Netflix keeps such a tight grasp on its viewership numbers), we do have the Top 10 list—which is updated daily. Because of that, I was able to devise a points-based system that ranks each movie’s popularity on the Netflix platform over a longer period of time.
So, as of March 13, these are the 25 most popular movies on Netflix in 2021 (the bolded films are newcomers to this list):

There’s nothing new at the very top. We Can Be Heroes absolutely dominated Netflix for weeks on end. The Robert Rodriguez superhero film spent a record 66 consecutive days on the charts and currently ranks as the second-most popular movie on Netflix since the Top 10 rankings were initiated (Despicable Me has a slight lead at the moment).
Perhaps the most significant leap this week was I Care a Lot, which moved from fifth place to second. The Golden Globe-winning film (Rosamund Park won for Best Actress in a comedy or musical) has now spent 20 consecutive days on the charts—which is a streak most movies can’t reach. That run included seven straight days in the #1 position.
The biggest leaps over the past seven days came from Training Day, which jumped from 66th place last week all the way to 20th place today, and The Dark Knight, which moved from 63rd place to 18th place.
Other significant moves came from Bigfoot Family, which maneuvered from 21st place to sixth place, and Moxie, which went from 57th place to 19th place.
There were three casualties this week: Pinkfong & Baby Shark’s Space Adventure (which currently has 57 points), Red Dot (56 points) and Malcolm & Marie (56 points).
These rankings will continue to be updated weekly, so stay tuned next week to see which films have moved up and down the list.


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