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Dec. 10 2021, Published 8:00 a.m. ET
While some may be intimidated to interview some big names in Hollywood like Caitlyn Jenner or Tara Reid, Serena DC has quite the opposite approach.
The TV personality, who launched Hollywood Disclosure With Serena DC in 2020, gets to have a candid and open conversation with the stars, but she admits she never "researches anybody," she exclusively tells OK!. "That is completely against what I do. I generally walk into these interviews not knowing too much about their personal lives, not knowing much about anything really that has happened to them because what I want to do is learn and hear their stories for the first time."
She continues, "I am trying not to interview, I am trying to have a conversation."
The Australia native got the chance to chat with Jenner, and prior to starting the show, the two were able to hang out and engage in small talk — but she wants the important anecdotes saved "for the couch," so she can have an "authentic" reaction. "I like it to be super organic," she shares.
The Netflix star thought it was so interesting to learn about what Jenner went through while transitioning.
"She was just like you and me – absolutely terrified, completely vulnerable, and it was just a reminder to the viewers that what you see on the outside isn’t necessarily how we feel on the inside," she explains. "We are all humans, we all have emotions and things really affect us. People thought she was bulletproof but she wasn’t. That was a big lesson for me."
When talking to Reid, Serena "didn't expect her to go as deep as she did," especially because she touched upon when she was bullied as a child.
"I thought it was so great how she humanized being a celebrity because I think that is so important for people at home to know that people that you admire go through s**t as well and you’re not alone," she says. "Those being the key takeaways – we all need to be gentler to each other because life is tough and actions have repercussions."
Ultimately, the brunette beauty created this documentary series to discuss details of how the celebrities were able to overcome obstacles and come out on top.
"I just think that humanity has suffered a really big trauma, and I really want Hollywood Disclosure to be a comfort to people at home," she notes. "I just want it to comforting and uplifting because we all suffered a really big trauma [in 2020], and we all just need a really big hug."
One of the many positives of putting the show together is after an important or heavy conversation, the crew will tell her how touched they were by the stories that were shared.
"You never realize they are listening, and my favorite part is when I finish the interview and I look over at everyone and I am like, 'That is it, we’re done' and just seeing their reactions. They get up and some are crying and run over and hug their guest and me," she states. "Just seeing the impact firsthand because you don’t get to see your viewers."
In the future, Serena would love to have Zac Efron, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Hudson as guests, but for now, she is gearing up to release season 2, which features Sean Kingston, Tori Spelling and Rose McGowan.
"This time around I wanted to be a bit more personal with them, and I wanted to delve into their past with each of the interviews," she says of her strategy. "I do something that I call a timeline, and I like to start off with, 'Tell me where you were when you were 4 years old' and really get an understanding for who they were as people. It was interesting to see how they dealt with problems now, and you could really tell that the influence of their parents really affected them as adults. I thought those were interesting lessons and a new depth inside into these people’s lives."
"Filming season 2 has been really fun because I haven’t had any anxiety," she adds. "I have just gone in there and asked the hard questions, so this season goes a lot deeper than season 1."
Hollywood Disclosure season 1 will air on PlutoTV on December 13. Season 2 will air on PlutoTV towards the end of January 2022.
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