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Ryan Reynolds has revealed he is taking a break from acting to spend more time with his children, in an interview with LinkedIn.
The Deadpool star who co-founded creative agency Maximum Effort in 2018 has set the record straight on his personal reasons for dimming the bright Hollywood lights for now.
“I don’t want to miss this time with my kids,” he explained.
“They go to school during the day and I get to work on MNTN and Maximum Effort. When I’m shooting a film, oftentimes I’m in Europe. I’m away. There are incredibly long hours.
“There’s a constant kind of requirement to be there the whole time — not just because I’m performing, but I’m also generally producing and writing on my movies as well.
“So allowing myself to step away right now, it’s sort of a perfect time. Not just for my family but also for MNTN and Maximum Effort, to just kind of focus on those for a while,” he said, adding that when raising young children the time “just flies by”.
The 45-year-old shares three daughters James, 6, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2, with his wife Blake Lively.
“There’s something of a kind of carnival lifestyle in some of the work that we do,” he said.
“I want my kids to have a pretty normal schedule.
“I really enjoy being a present dad. I love taking them to school in the morning. I love picking them up. I love that I have the hours in between to focus on the things I’m passionate about.”
The pair keep their children’s lives and identity fiercely private given their high-profile careers.


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