Home Hub Tubes Queen's message to Joanna Lumley after actress writes book on her: 'I asked the aides' – Daily Express

Queen's message to Joanna Lumley after actress writes book on her: 'I asked the aides' – Daily Express

Queen's message to Joanna Lumley after actress writes book on her: 'I asked the aides' – Daily Express

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On The Jonathan Ross Show, Joanna Lumley spoke about sending her new book A Queen For All Seasons directly to her Majesty. Speaking candidly about the new book, which celebrates the Queen’s life, she described the monarch as being “grateful” to have received the gift. 

Joanna, 75, spoke to host Jonathan enthusiastically about her experience of sending her work to the Queen. 
“I sent her a copy of the book,” she said. “I asked the aides of the palace, they said, ‘We’ll see that it’s placed before Her Majesty’. 
“I love the idea that it went in on a trolley and it was placed before Her Majesty, who might have even picked it up and looked at it with that lovely Andy Warhol image on the front. 
“Her majesty sent a message to say she was grateful I’d taken the trouble to send the book and sent her warmest wishes.”
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The star’s new book, A Queen For All Seasons, is a sparkling tribute to Queen Elizabeth II in honour of her Platinum Jubilee, exploring key moments from her 70-year reign. 
In 2022, the Queen will have served as Head of the Commonwealth for 70 years, making her not only Britain’s longest reigning monarch, but also the very first to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee. 
Joanna, who is a confessed superfan of the Queen, also spoke out on reported divisions within the Royal Family. 
She said: “I think we all look from the outside and we don’t actually know what’s going on on the inside – we second guess it. And I think we all believe television shows that are made about them, like The Crown. 

“I don’t watch it because I know it’s made up… these are real people and suddenly they’re made up to be different people and I don’t think it’s right. I don’t think we really know what goes on behind anybody’s closed doors.
The actress went on to hint that she had a “suspicion” that the Royals are “much closer than we think”. 
She described the family as “friendly”, “polite” and “good-hearted people”. 
Joanna also explained that the Queen is different to how some might expect her to be, describing her as “down to earth”.
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In a recent interview with Australian Women’s Weekly magazine, the Absolutely Fabulous actress blasted The Crown again, calling it “rubbish”. 
The Absolutely Fabulous actress went on to suggest that the Royal Family also stay well clear of the show.
She went on to express her sympathy for the show’s cast, whom she claimed she “pitied” for trying to closely replicate the mannerisms of the royals they were supposed to be portraying.
She said: “I don’t think they watch it and I never watch it. I know them, so I know it’s all made up and it’s rubbish. 

“All the poor actors who are doing their best to copy them, it’s awful.
“Imagine somebody making up conversations they think you’ve had.
“It’s so laughable. They’ve used real people, whom they’ve copied, and then made up all the conversations. It’s insane,” she concluded
The actress, who has close ties to the Royal family, is an ambassador for The Prince’s Trust and even attended Prince Charles’ wedding to Camilla in 2005.
Credit: The Jonathan Ross Show, Saturday at 10:05Pm on ITV and ITV Hub.

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