Home Celebrities Paul Hollywood reveals his true feelings towards iconic Hollywood handshake ‘Over the top! – Daily Express

Paul Hollywood reveals his true feelings towards iconic Hollywood handshake ‘Over the top! – Daily Express

Paul Hollywood reveals his true feelings towards iconic Hollywood handshake ‘Over the top! – Daily Express

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Great British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood joined Alan Titchmarsh for a new episode of Love Your Weekend on Sunday morning. As the pair spoke about their fondness for cooking and baking, Paul opened up on the iconic Hollywood handshake which often sees the contestants aiming for.
After playing a clip of a previous contestant getting excited over a Hollywood handshake, Alan asked: “The handshake has truly become iconic, hasn’t it.
“What does it take to get one, or did you think when you gave that first one, it would ever turn into what it did?”
Paul disagreed and said: “No, I didn’t, I mean, the press are getting behind it and sort of pushing it into something which it isn’t.
“I mean, for me, it was just a well done, it’s excitement for me because I love baking and when I see something I like, I want to say well done.
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“People like the Hollywood stars, Blake Lively was doing a bake on her Instagram and cc’d me in and said, ‘I hope Paul Hollywood likes this and I get a handshake.’
“So, I sent an emoji of a handshake to her, and she came back and repeated it and put it on her site, even an emoji from me is something.
“I just find it all a bit over the top.”
Alan replied: “Well, it’s rather nice that you do, otherwise it would have gone to your head, wouldn’t it!”

The pair also spoke about how Paul coped when Bake Off moved from BBC One to Channel 4, as Paul explained the time was “tricky”.
In 2016, the baking competition moved from BBC One to Channel 4, which led to a shift in presenters as Mary Berry, Sue Perkins, and Mel Giedroyc decided to leave.
Alan asked: “It’s gone from strength to strength Bake Off hasn’t it, I mean, you were the one who carried on over from BBC One to Channel 4, are you glad you did?”
Paul explained: “Yeah, I am, essentially it was a tricky time, I think initially because obviously, things were changing so quick.
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“The problem was it was all about communication, no one really spoke to anybody, and everyone sort of did their own thing, and that was it.
“I mean, I didn’t blame Mary staying with the Beeb and leaving the show because she has been around the BBC for years, and so has Mel and Sue, to be honest.
“I think for me I just didn’t want to leave, I’m happy I did, I love Bake Off, and I just couldn’t see myself without Bake Off, and I still like that evangelistic side of baking.”
Alan continued: “I mean, it’s incredibly infectious, it’s seeing young children coming along who come up to you and say ‘I baked this’.
 “That’s the evangelism, isn’t it, it’s passing on the passion,” to which Paul agreed and said: “Absolutely! The kids get older and carry on watching Bake Off.”
The Great British Bake Off 2021 saw Italian baker Giuseppe Dell’Anno take the crown and become the Bake Off champion.
In what judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith called the closest final there has ever been, Giuseppe fought off some tough competition from Crystelle Pereira and Chigs Parmar.
Speaking in his victory, he said: “It’s not often in life I can say that I’m proud of what I’ve done, but in this case, I’m really proud.”
Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh airs Sunday’s from 10am on ITV. 
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