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Joanna Lumley, 75, has been in the entertainment industry for more than 50 years. Her extensive career has seen her do everything from acting to TV presenting and producing.
She also spent some years modelling and has most notably posed for fashion photographer Brian Duffy.
However, it has not been all enjoyable moments for the BBC’s Absolutely Fabulous star.
Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show last night, Joanna recalled how one of her photoshoots resulted in her hurting her face.
Speaking of her modelling days, she said: “A good life, but a tough life.
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“It was just tough. You were paid by the hour.
“One minute late, they’d dock half your hour’s pay.” 
She added: “I did one [shoot] which was awful.
“It was a magazine called Flair [and it was about cleaning your face with soap].

“Got the soap… three hours [of doing it]. My face was burnt, it was all burnt.”
Joanna recently revealed she once had  a “complete nervous breakdown”, that left her hallucinating and “badly shaken up”.
Speaking to broadcaster Lord Bragg for a Sky Arts show, Joanna explained how the episode came about while she was working in a West End play in her mid-twenties.
She said: “I was on stage and I began to see people levelling guns at me out of the boxes.
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“I’d see the glint of a rifle, I’d see it levelling down and I used to work out how I could throw myself in front of this actor so I could protect them but also bring us both down to the ground.”
She then exited the play to prioritise her wellbeing, but things only got worse.
Joanna added: “I couldn’t cross the road, I didn’t dare go into shops, I had to concentrate on breathing in and breathing out. It’s panic attacks and you are on the brink of utter insanity,” she continued.
“I was off for six months. I was pretty badly shaken up.
“My nerves were gone. I didn’t dare go to the shops. I had a really ropey old time. I was spending all day thinking, ‘How will I get through the day?’
“I had those panic attacks when you think, ‘Breathe in, breathe out, just keep breathing in’.”
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