Michael Schumacher’s family’s agreement with Netflix over health update: ‘We would cut it' – Express

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Michael Schumacher is the subject of a new Netflix documentary reflecting on his life before and after his tragic ski accident in 2013 in which he sustained a significant brain injury. The tribute was made with the help of his family but director and producer Vanessa Nöcker and producer Benjamin Seikel have opened up on the agreement they had with wife Corinna Schumacher over sharing an update on Michael’s condition. 
Vanessa and Benjamin discussed the conversations they had with Corinna on what the documentary would cover. 
Benjamin revealed: “We had an idea how to deal with it. Vanessa had the clear idea of going away from the report-like style completely and suggesting it with strong, large pictures so that the viewer understands what it is about. 
“We had the agreement that the lead is ours and that we don’t let ourselves be creative. 
“Otherwise we wouldn’t have made the film. But we also had a gentlemen’s agreement.”
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“We have promised the family that if they say something in the interviews that they are not happy with afterwards, then we would cut it out and destroy it.”
However, Benjamin revealed they luckily didn’t have to fall back on the agreement. 
“Fortunately not,” he replied. “But it was important that the family, who had never spoken in public about Michael Schumacher’s state of health, had a security.”
Vanessa added: “At no point did we chase the headline, but rather slowly approached and found a way together. 

“Otherwise it wouldn’t have worked. In the end, we ourselves had a protective instinct.”
Director Vanessa was grateful to Corinna and Michael’s family for their support. 
Vanessa said: “Corinna Schumacher was our great support. She mentions in the film that Michael is actually a suspicious person. 
“But once he has gained confidence in someone, then he really does. I felt the same way about her.”
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“We made it clear to her that above all we wanted to show his human side and how he achieved his goals. And she was open to such an approach,” Benjamin noted.
Vanessa explained: “And it’s about highly emotional things: ambition, obsession, passion, rigour, perfectionism, pride. 
“That is not always positive. Corinna wanted an authentic film, by no means an uncritical memorial.”
The producers stressed the “emotional approach” they wanted to focus on when making the documentary. 
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Benjamin explained: “After Schumacher’s first resignation comes the time that he spent with the family, and then, after his commitment to Mercedes, the final breakdown follows with the accident. 
“All of this has to flow together, function dramatically and emotionally. 
“Ultimately, it was a wonderful team play by everyone involved,” he added.
Schumacher is available to stream on Netflix.
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