Home Hub Tubes Loose Women's Charlene White addresses painful-looking eye after sparking concern on show – Express

Loose Women's Charlene White addresses painful-looking eye after sparking concern on show – Express

Loose Women's Charlene White addresses painful-looking eye after sparking concern on show – Express

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Spotting her struggle, a fan took to Twitter to praise Charlene White’s presence on ITV News in spite of suffering an apparent problem with her eye. “Bless you,” the tweet by alfmabmillcat read. “Your eye looks so painful.

My mouth and brain still work, so still came in
Charlene White
“Love your work ethic – still showing up.”
She added, with a kiss, “Hope it’s better soon.”
The 41-year-old presenter, who is also an anchor on Loose Women replied with enthusiasm.
“That’s very kind, thank-you,” she acknowledged.
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“My mouth and brain still work, so still came in so that one of the others didn’t have to be dragged in on their day off!”
Charlene has not elaborated on the exact reason for her eye woes, but is keen to remain in her role while she recovers.
The proud South Londoner has been empathetic over her colleagues suffering health issues in recent weeks, with her fellow Loose Women presenter Kelle Bryan sharing her experiences of living with lupus live on air.
Both Charlene and the audience had been left feeling tearful as Kelle – a former Eternal singer and now a Hollyoaks star – revealed the excruciating pain she lives with behind-the-scenes.

Charlene encouraged her to open up about the health issues, as Kelle revealed that she’d woken up one morning with an inability to bend one of her fingers.
Kelle – who portrays cancer-sufferer Martine in Hollyoaks – told of her ulcers, which infected her mouth, leaving her unable to eat, and suffering hair loss.
“I’ve had to learn to speak, to walk again,” she had revealed at the time to a stunned Charlene.
“I had cerebral lupus which meant a swelling of my brain.
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“I had a seizure [and] I lost about three days of my life that I don’t remember at all.”
In response, Charlene praised her “huge uphill battle” and spoke of pride for her.
Meanwhile, the Greenwich-born newsreader made the news herself last month after her refusal to wear a poppy on screen.
Presenters typically do so in the lead-up to Armistice Day on November 11th to honour the war dead.
However, Charlene defended her decision not to do so, while revealing she had been subjected to “racist and sexist abuse” over the situation.
She also spoke of “impartiality rules” of the charities that she supports.
“I support and am patron of a number of charities, and due to impartiality rules, I am not allowed to visually support them all whilst presenting news programmes,” she has revealed on Twitter.
“Both these and many more charities do great things in the UK, but I’m not allowed to give them exposure on screen.”
However, the presenter, whose father served in the RAF, informed fans that she does wear a poppy in her personal life.
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