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Careers in the entertainment industry can be mysterious for those just starting out, and even for those working in the business.
Actor Randall Park said that when he first decided he wanted to pursue Hollywood in the early 2000s, people would tell him to go to Samuel French Film & Theatre Bookshop.
“If you were an actor in Los Angeles, that was the place you went if you wanted to get any information,” he said.
The first Samuel French L.A. store was founded in 1929 downtown and moved to Hollywood in 1947. Until the 1970s, its L.A. operations sold and licensed plays in the region.
But eventually, the shop also offered resources for people interested in pursuing a Hollywood career. It sold books of plays that actors could use for audition monologues; biographies of entertainment figures; how-to guides on various aspects of moviemaking; and listings of agents and casting and production companies.
Former general manager Joyce Mehess, who worked at Samuel French off and on from 1991 until its closure two years ago, remembers Park coming into the store before he was famous. She said she feels so happy whenever she sees him on her television screen.
So many celebrities came through the bookshop, she said.
“A lot of people thought we were an agency,” said Mehess. “And we’d say, ‘No, we’re an information center. I can give you a listing. I can give you a play that might fit the type you are, and you can research it from there. You can certainly ask questions; I’ll be at my desk. And maybe a big star might walk by and inspire you.’”
Providing inspiration and community was Mehess’ mission for the store. It wasn’t just about selling books, it was about encouraging nervous newcomers to make those phone calls, take those chances.
But Samuel French closed in March 2019. Concord Music acquired it as part of the company’s foray into theater. At the time, a petition trying to save the bookstore collected almost 8,000 signatures. The space has been empty for the last two years.
“There really was a hole created when that bookstore closed,” Park said.
Though there are numerous resources online, he said sometimes it’s hard for newcomers to find the right ones.
Here at the Los Angeles Times, we want to be your new destination for that kind of information.
This guide provides explainers and advice for starting and building your career in the entertainment industry. And feel free to ask us your questions, and we’ll do our best to find an expert to answer them.
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You can start your Hollywood career from anywhere. Here’s how
The first step in your Hollywood career shouldn’t be paying L.A. rent. Here’s how to take your first steps toward a career in the entertainment industry, according to experts.

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How to pay your bills when you’re starting out in Hollywood
For many people who pursue entertainment as a career, it takes years to get yourself to where you are making money from your creative work. For making money in the meantime, there’s always waiting tables. But more and more people are turning to platforms like TikTok, Twitch and Patreon.

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Hollywood can be brutal. Here’s how to manage your mental health
Rejection and uncertainty are part of working in Hollywood, but joy, creativity and fun can be too. Here’s how to manage your mental health.

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It’s never too late to pursue acting. What to consider as you pivot to Hollywood
Actors who have chosen to pursue Hollywood later in life as a second career share their experiences and advice.

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Explaining Hollywood: How to get a job as a TV writer
What does a TV writer do? How do you become one? How do you move up? How much money can you make? The L.A. Times is explaining the entertainment industry — here’s what you need to know about being a TV writer.

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Explaining Hollywood: How to get a job as a TV director
Directing TV is more competitive than ever with the wealth of high-quality storytelling in television and streaming. How do you break in? Here’s what you need to know.

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Explaining Hollywood: How to get a job as a voice actor
Disembodied voices are ubiquitous in the media, reflecting the growing demand for voice actors. It’s a highly competitive industry that’s tough to break into; here are some tips.

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Explaining Hollywood: Your child wants to act. What do you need to know?
Every year, thousands of kids decide they want to try to land jobs as professional actors. The learning curve for parents is steep, and the path can be costly.

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Explaining Hollywood: How to get a job in sound design
There’s a growing demand for people who can create sonic atmospheres for everything from a mobile phone app to a feature film. Here are some tips for how to get started.

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Explaining Hollywood: How to get a job as a gaffer
Starting in this career isn’t easy but if you’re eager to learn and are a team player, you too can become a gaffer.

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Explaining Hollywood: How to get a job as a publicist
The behind-the-scenes narratives of Hollywood stars, films and projects are often strategized by publicists. Here’s what they do and how to know if this could be a good job for you.

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Explaining Hollywood: How to get a job as a foley artist
It’s a very tough field to succeed in, and connections are vital to getting started. Having a background in music and dance helps.

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Explaining Hollywood: How to get a job as an animal trainer
Ever wondered how they get a dog to smile on camera? That’s the job of the animal trainers working behind the scenes.

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Explaining Hollywood: How to get a job in practical special effects
How do you build and sustain a career as a special-effects artist in the rapidly evolving entertainment industry? We asked experts for their advice.

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Explaining Hollywood: How to get a job as a producer
Film producers will tell you that there’s no typical day in the job — and there’s no single path to becoming a producer. But there are traits you can develop and entertainment industry paths to follow that will set you up for a career in Hollywood.

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Explaining Hollywood: How to get a job as a film editor
A guide to becoming a film editor in Hollywood.

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Explaining Hollywood: How to find a talent agent who’s right for you
Guidance is crucial to starting a career in entertainment, and at some point you’ll need an agent. How and where can you find one who gets you?

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Explaining Hollywood: How to get a job as an agent
Career paths to becoming an agent often involve working as an assistant at a major talent agency.

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Don’t get scammed: How to set yourself up for success and avoid predators in Hollywood
The entertainment industry has been plagued by scams targeting acting hopefuls, parents of child actors and others. Here’s what to look out for and what to do.

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Want to be a social media influencer? Here are some tips for getting started
You’ve seen TikTok, Instagram and YouTube launch people into Hollywood stardom. Here are some tips for getting started as a social media influencer or creator.

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What do you want to know about working in Hollywood?
Send the L.A. Times your questions about breaking into and working in the entertainment industry.

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