Kate Garraway reveals Derek Draper’s parents’ ‘sacrifice’ as Government ‘partied’ – Daily Express

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Kate Garraway’s partner was hospitalised with a rare brain inflammation in March 2020 after his lungs, liver, kidneys, and pancreas had been attacked by the virus, which had subsequently placed the father of two in a coma. With reports claiming that the Tories enjoyed “up to seven Christmas parties” last year, the 54-year-old was dumbfounded by the accusations against politicians who supposedly relished multiple get-togethers.
Kate has also mentioned how her husband’s parents weren’t allowed to see him during this time in fear of worsening his condition. 
It’s heartbreaking and ridiculous and I can’t believe it
Kate Garraway
Kate has also mentioned how her husband’s parents weren’t allowed to see him during this time in fear of worsening his condition. 
Kate spoke candidly of her thoughts about the bash during her appearance on Good Morning Britain today, describing it as “heartbreaking and ridiculous”.
GMB co-presenter Susanna Reid started off, saying: “There’s someone that’s been particularly affected by this and that’s our very own Kate Garraway because a year ago, you were trying to work out what you could do in terms of visiting Derek?”
“Yes, the restrictions on visiting him were greatly reduced,” Kate responded. 
“Certainly the children couldn’t see him and hadn’t been able to for a long time.
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“We were hoping that things might loosen with Christmas spirit, but it couldn’t be. Derek’s parents, most movingly I think – I kept saying to them, ‘I’m sure that we can work out a way for you to see him, it’s been 10 months’ and they were just resolute.
Kate continued by mentioning how devastating it was for Derek’s parents not to see their son during the festive period last year, but they were adamant about following the Government’s rules concerning the virus in order to keep everyone safe — including their son.
The TV anchor considered Derek’s parents’ decision not to visit their son as a “sacrifice”, adding that it was important for her husband to make a speedy recovery following his long-standing battle in and out of the hospital. 
And if having his parents around would put his health at greater risk, Kate and her in-laws simply weren’t willing to risk that chance. 

The Finding Derek star continued to talk about the alleged party, going on to say: “I just don’t want to throw stones, basically, because the obvious thing to say is it’s heartbreaking and ridiculous and I can’t believe it because I don’t think they’re a group of evil people.
“But there is definitely something very, very uncomfortable about… maybe they just didn’t know the devastation… the rules were affecting all of us.”
Kate went on to pull out a document highlighting the rules implemented by Prime Minister Boris Johnson last Christmas.
“During that period, there were only two legal ways to have an indoor gathering of more than 30 people.
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“There were permitted, organised gatherings – but that would mean guests weren’t allowed to mingle with anyone not in their household. That doesn’t seem to apply.
“And the only other legal route was if the gathering was ‘reasonably necessary for work’. It seems doubtful any kind of party held for more than 30 people indoors where Covid was more likely to spread would be reasonably necessary for work.”
Kate was recently applauded by her co-host Charlotte Hawkins, who praised her ITV colleague as she said she had shown tremendous strength by showing up to work while taking care of Derek and their children. 
The West Sussex native told OK! magazine that she had “such an admiration” for Kate, who wears her “work hat” incredibly as she powers through her day with a smile on her face.
Meanwhile, in November, ITV announced it has commissioned a follow-up to Finding Derek, titled Caring For Derek, as Kate continues to navigate through the ups and downs of life since her husband returned home from a 13-month stay in the hospital.
The documentary is expected to showcase Derek’s journey from the first moments he was out of intensive care and will continue filming throughout Christmas.
“We follow Kate as she navigates the challenges of the social care system, negotiates the potential traps and unpicks the complexities that seem to be inherent in the system,” ITV said in a statement.
The doc is slated for a release early next year.
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