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At HollywoodLife, we take our mission of reporting on the world of entertainment and celebrities very seriously. We understand that our millions of readers across the country view celebrities as role models in many ways. And in recent years, those roles have expanded from not only being style and lifestyle icons, to relationship and wellness role models, and to women’s issue and political issue role models.  
Celebrities have understood that with the platforms they command through traditional media and social media, that they can speak out on so many issues that our readers are concerned about and which can affect their own lives. 
Celebrities have shared their experiences with breast cancer, with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, eating disorders, depression, addiction, domestic abuse and  more. 
They have become outspoken leaders on racial injustice, criminal justice reform on sexual harassment, assault and sexism, ageism, and career glass ceilings. 
These are all issues that our readers are highly interested in because many experience these same issues themselves. 
Our readers also pay close attention to how celebrities manage their own romantic relationships and their roles as parents.  
We cover all these aspects of celebrity news. We report on what stars say in their own words whether that is on social media and in interviews directly to HollywoodLife
In recent years, the world of celebrity and entertainment has now grown, beyond the traditional boundaries of what traditionally was the world of Hollywood. Today that world encompasses sports, political and social media stars as well. 
At HollywoodLife, our team of reporters, writers, editors and video producers strives to cover the world of celebrities and entertainment in a very timely and accurate fashion. 
We report on breaking news and also recap a large number of weekly TV shows, TV specials, major sports events and a huge array of award shows.  
Since women’s issues are a paramount interest to our largely female audience, we have also covered the last three sets of national election campaigns and elections in detail.
In all of these aspects of the large world of celebrity and entertainment, HollywoodLife  endeavors to land on-the-record interviews and is highly successful in speaking to and sharing our interviews with our readers. We also employ a team of reporters with excellent sources who work on breaking news that has not yet been revealed.  
We treat entertainment and celebrity news reporting with the same seriousness as reporters on all other beats. We have developed sources that are trustworthy. We work hard to get multiple sources on stories, wherever possible. We also work to get original police reports, legal documents, 911 tapes, lawyers’ statements, coroner’s reports, court transcripts and more. 
On all news that we are breaking, we contact each celebrity’s own representative or lawyer for comment, and we give them time to respond. Thanks to our work, we have been very successful in breaking news for our readers first.  
On many of the stories we cover, additional news and facts become available. We are highly attentive to updating these stories, clearly noting the most recent news for our readers.
When they are needed, are also made immediately and are clearly noted for the readers.
Like many media outlets HollywoodLife has its own unique voice. We believe that it is important to speak to our readers in a very clear way that is also warm and conversational. We do this because our readers relate so much to celebrities in all of the broad world of entertainment. They feel that they “know” them so well that they almost view them as friends.
Our readers don’t necessarily follow traditional media outlets, but they do trust HollywoodLife as a new source, and we take this responsibility very seriously.
HollywoodLife is an independent company, now owned by CEO, Bonnie Fuller. We have a team of about 30 writers, reporters, editors, video producers, photo editors and a creative director. Our team members are now based across the country.
For more about our team, please see our ‘About Us’ section of our site.


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