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What makes a movie great? Well, there are a lot of factors. Of course, a gripping storyline, good cinematic experience, a lead who acts great, etc., right? But there are often times when we see a supporting role take the spotlight. Moreover, these supporting roles are taken on by some A-list actors that you never expected. So, let’s talk about the time Hollywood actors took supporting roles and literally stole the show. Check it out!
David Fincher’s Seven is a classic in many ways, well the fact that we don’t get to see the villain soon is one. But one of the elements of the movie that stands out is Kevin Spacey’s performance which is still raising the bar. 
The movie already had a strong cast and then the director thought of bringing Tom Cruise to the party. Actors like Robert Downey Jr., Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Matthew McConaughey were doing their part until Tom Cruise nailed it with his character.
The fact that Jason Statham is in Spy wasn’t a secret. However, what his role is in the movie was never told properly. Statham’s character was so funny that people were in literal disbelief. He easily stole the show and had a role far more than just a cameo!
The movie is hilarious as it legit has comedians in every frame of the movie. Stars like Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, Jay Baruchel, and Danny McBride are all a part of this parade. However, the crew (in the movie) soon realises that they’re not alone and Emma Watson has managed the survive the apocalypse. Look out for her witty lines!
Nortan is a class apart actor and has managed to give us timeless classics. He did the same thing in Kingdom of Heaven where he decided it was best to keep his name a secret. He explained that he wants to be billed because Orlando Bloom’s character keeps hearing about him.” A movie you should definitely watch and adore Nortan’s acting.
When you have a star cast like Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in the lead, you do not just step in and take away the torch. Central Intelligence was a flick full of crazy twists and the real one was Melissa’s character who was Dwayne’s love interest!
First of all, if you’re Robert De Niro and you’re in a movie, it is all yours. American Hustle is a cult classic with Christian Bale rocking the lead. Actors like Jeremy Renner, Jennifer Lawrence and more do a great job. However, when De Niro arrives, the movie takes a turn in a more horrific direction and he establishes himself as the boss of it all in a sequence of fewer than five minutes.

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