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Has Netflix saved Manifest yet? – Netflix Life

Has Netflix saved Manifest yet? – Netflix Life

MANIFEST — “Upgrade” Episode 114 — Pictured: (l-r) Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone, Josh Dallas as Ben Stone — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC/Warner Brothers)
Even though devoted Manifesters would definitely know whether Netflix has saved Manifest, it’s worth checking in for a status update on the state of the #SaveManifest movement. We’re going on three months since the series was canceled, and no renewal has been announced.
Since Manifest’s cancellation after three excellent seasons, fans have rallied around the series and made the first two seasons one of the most popular streaming shows of the summer. With only 29 episodes on Netflix, the show has raked in billions of streaming minutes.
Because of this unprecedented streaming success, Netflix and NBC both reopened the case on Manifest, reexamining whether Manifest season 4 (and beyond) would be possible. Once that ray of hope excited the legion of Manifesters, mum has been the word.
What’s going on with the fan-favorite series now? Has Netflix stepped in to save the series from cancellation? As of this writing, here’s the latest updates on the missing plane drama’s fate and all of the theories that point toward potential good news coming soon.
Currently, Netflix has not saved the series as of Aug. 17. However, Manifest remains in contention for a pickup from Netflix and/or NBC unless either network issues an update that says otherwise. That’s definitely exciting, but at this point, fans need some sort of update.
The most recent update that seemed to reignite the faith among fans came from none other than creator Jeff Rake, who tweeted that he was “a little preoccupied.” That seeming tease paired with the fan theory that renewal news would be announced on Aug. 28 — 828 day — makes the prospects of the show being saved all the better.
No news yet, folks. But I’m back in the place where it happens.
And I’m ready.#SaveManifesthttps://t.co/W1vqy3sZnR
— Jeff Rake (@jeff_rake) August 16, 2021

On Aug. 16, Rake tweeted that while he had no news to share on the #SaveManifest front, he had returned to New York, where the series has been filmed for the past three seasons. Naturally, this seems like a positive sign that the comeback is nigh. Of course, there’s also the chance that we’re reading far too into his tweets, but isn’t he the guy that taught us to follow the callings?
Like Rake, we have no renewal news to share, but this is the update as it stands. We’ll continue to wait for official word from Netflix or NBC on the fate of Manifest and keep our fingers crossed that the full story will have the opportunity to be told for many more billions of streaming minutes.
Stay tuned for more Manifest news and updates from Netflix Life!
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