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Full Horror Series Lineup Revealed For Netflix In 2022 – ScreenGeek

Full Horror Series Lineup Revealed For Netflix In 2022 – ScreenGeek

Every day is a perfect day for horror when it comes to being a horror fan, and it looks like Netflix is going to have fans covered. Specifically, Netflix has more a few horror shows coming to their lineup in 2022. And excitingly it includes both new and returning shows!
The announcement was revealed in a statement by Netflix’s own Peter Friedlander, Head of Scripted Series, US/Canada. As revealed by Bloody-Disgusting, he had some exciting news when it came to these titles.
Here’s how he began the announcement:
“Do you remember the first time you stepped inside the haunted Hill House? Or when you first laid eyes on the members of the Umbrella Academy? Or what about the first time that Black Mirror made you scared of technology? In my ten years at Netflix, it’s been thrilling to see the dropped jaws, the all-caps tweets/the hilarious memes and the passionate theories inspired by these once-in-a-lifetime moments. Genre stories have the power to transport us to new universes like the Upside Down in Stranger Things, teach us new vocabulary like The Witcher and, most importantly, unite us in our shared love of sci-fi, horror, fantasy, anime and everything in between.”
He continued, specifically revealing the titles of new and returning horror shows coming to the Netflix streaming platform in 2022:
“Today we’re excited to unveil select premiere dates and new details for our upcoming 2022 genre series slate which has never been stronger or richer in breadth. We have world-beloved fan-favorites such as The Sandman and Resident Evil; new stories that delve into centuries-old sagas like Vikings: Valhallaand The Witcher: Blood Origin; returning favorites including Stranger Things 4,The Umbrella Academy Season 3Alice in Borderland Season 2, Locke & Key Season 3, and Raising Dion Season 2; animated genre event series like Cyberpunk: EdgerunnersMagic: The Gathering and Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, the animated series prequel to Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead; the return of master storytelling with Mike Flanagan’s The Midnight Club; plus new genre-bending thriller Archive 81.”
It definitely sounds like Netflix will have plenty for fans to look forward to in 2022. With both old and returning shows, as well as those based on popular IPs, it looks as though Netflix is really stepping up their game. Hopefully they keep this momentum building and we hear some good news on their film projects as well. After all, they did recently acquire the upcoming reboot Texas Chainsaw Massacre.



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