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A jury in Chicago on Thursday found US actor Jussie Smollett guilty of five felony counts of disorderly conduct for falsely telling police he was the victim of a racist and homophobic hate crime in 2019 — an attack prosecutors said he himself staged.
Smollett, who was one of the stars of the popular television drama “Empire” at the time, told police in January 2019 that he was attacked in the middle of the night by two masked men while walking near his Chicago home.
Thousands of people took to social media to express outrage over the US president Joe Biden and Hollywood celebrities for their reactions to the 2019 incident.
They demanded the president and the celebrities apologise for expressing support to  Smollett guilty.
John Legend, Zendaya, Ellen DeGeneres and several other celebrities had condemned what was reported as racist and homophobic attack on “Empire” star in January 2019.

The actor faces up to three years in prison, but could instead be sentenced to probation and community service. No sentencing date was set.
Smollett´s lawyer Nenye Uche said the actor would appeal the conviction, according to US media.

“The verdict is inconsistent,” he said, referring to Smollett´s conviction on five charges and acquittal on a sixth.
“We feel 100 percent confident that this case will be won on appeal,” Uche told reporters during a press conference after the verdict.
Smollett, who is gay and African-American, maintained his innocence in the face of a damning public account from authorities of their case against him and pleaded not guilty on all counts.
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