Home Hub Tubes Eamonn Holmes admits he's 'struggling' with pain in new health update: 'Was a shocker!' – Express

Eamonn Holmes admits he's 'struggling' with pain in new health update: 'Was a shocker!' – Express

Eamonn Holmes admits he's 'struggling' with pain in new health update: 'Was a shocker!' – Express

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The This Morning presenter, 61, updated viewers on his condition following a number of medical conditions. Eamonn Holmes described his diagnosis as shingles as “a shocker”, while speaking to the Loose Women panel. As well as dislocated discs, the broadcaster faced a brutal fight with shingles which left him looking like “Quasimodo”.
“Well, I mean the thing I’m struggling with at the moment is a dead right leg,” he began.
“You know I’ve had two dislocated discs for the past five months and I’ve got a dead right leg, so I get around now with a cane or a crutch.
“And I’ve been having all sorts of treatment and things and working my way through it with physio and hydrotherapy – you name it, I’ve had it.”
He continued: “But I think this progression is not as quick as I’d like it to be, and it was an innocent injury that came about, it could happen to anyone.
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“And we don’t really appreciate our health until it goes, but this one was a real shocker.
“And I mean shocker, have a look at this picture, this is me with shingles.”
The picture showed Eamonn’s face covered in blisters as he commented: “I’m looking like Quasimodo there and I think as you can see from that, it’s quite brutal.
“And you’ll say ‘how on earth did you get that’, well if you’ve had chickenpox, you’ve had the virus, it’s there in your system.”

“And there’s a very high chance – a 60 percent chance or so, that you too will have shingles,” he added.
“And what I’m talking about today is an awareness because particularly with the pandemic, there’s a lot of people who are being pushed back down the health list and the health checks, so this may not be a priority.”
The popular presenter has been keeping fans updated for months during his struggle with chronic pain.
Earlier this year, Eamonn, who presents This Morning with his wife Ruth Langsford, suffered the slipped discs and a dislocated pelvis, but he didn’t know how it had happened.
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He updated followers in June after worried fans were left concerned for his welfare.
“For me, I’m in a race against time to strengthen my back before my steroid injections — which do ease the pain — run out.
“It’s quite depressing because every day you get up and hope you’ve done better and you have the treatment and it still hurts like hell!” he told Metro.
“People say, ‘How did it happen?’ but I have no idea why in such a short space of time you go from being healthy to being told your nerves are dead in your leg because of your back and it might take a year before there’s an improvement, and you’ve no choice but to do the exercises otherwise you’ll be sitting in a wheelchair.
“I took my health for granted — it’s what you do. Millions of people are suffering far worse pain than me.”
Throughout his journey to recovery, Eamonn has been keeping his one million followers in the loop on his condition.
Many fans have been wishing him a speedy recovery as his health crisis continues.
This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV, while Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.
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