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DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER CHAPMAN’S DAUGHER SPEAKS OUT: Bonnie Chapman is accusing her dad Dog of racism and homophobia. She was not invited to the September 2nd wedding of Dog to Francie Frane, and blames his bias on her non-invite. “I'm sorry, but I can't defend my Dad's racism,” Bonnie wrote on social media. “When it comes to 'The System' on UnleashedTV, my father was fired by the platform for using racial and homophobic epithets toward my fellow cast members on the show, which is about social justice advocacy and protesting violence and racial bias by police. I have expressed time and time again my ever-growing disappointment in my father's progression into his old racist ways.”
TOM CRUISE’S SURPRISE LANDING: Tom Cruise made an unexpected stop in the English countryside while filming Mission: Impossible on location. His helicopter landed in a family’s garden when the nearby airport shut down, they told the BBC. “It turned out to be an incredible day,” Alison Webb said. “It was surreal, I still now can't believe it happened.”
ANT ANSTEAD THOUGHT RENEE ZELLWEGER WAS A BRIT: Before meeting his now girlfriend, Ant Anstead assumed Renee Zellweger was a fellow Brit due to her pitch-perfect Bridget Jones performance. The pair met on Anstead’s Celebrity IOU: Joyride, and have since gone Instagram official with their romance.
TOM GIRARDI SPOTTED AT ASSISTANT LIVING FACILITY: Tom Girardi was spotted at Belmont Village Senior Living in Burbank, CA. Erika Jayne‘s estranged husband was recently disbarred over allegations that they used funds meant for plane crash victims to finance their lavish lifestyle; he is also reportedly suffering from “a major neurocognitive disorder.”


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