Home Celebrities Bradley Cooper finally comments on Lady Gaga romance rumors – HOLA! USA

Bradley Cooper finally comments on Lady Gaga romance rumors – HOLA! USA

Bradley Cooper finally comments on Lady Gaga romance rumors – HOLA! USA

A Star Is Born” was an incredibly successful movie, earning award nominations for a variety of categories. The relationship at the heart of the film is the one between Ally and Jackson, played by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, who, at the time of release, were believed by many to be in love.
In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Cooper finally addressed these rumors.
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Their musical performance at the Oscars was one of the most discussed elements of the program, one that cemented many people’s belief in the fact that the two were romantically involved. Instead of having Gaga and Cooper sing towards the audience, Cooper staged a performance that made it seem as if they were in a movie, involving the camera and having the two sing towards each other. “Just from a personal standpoint, it reduces the anxiety level,” Cooper said. “They kind of fall in love in that scene in the film. It‘s that explosive moment that happens to them on a stage in front of thousands of people…It would have been so weird if we were both on stools facing the audience.”
Lady Gaga has long been commenting on their relationship, claiming that while the two shared a great connection while shooting, the audience and the press saw what they were meant to see, which was their acting. “Yes, people saw love, and guess what? That‘s what we wanted you to see. This is a love song. The movie, “A Star Is Born,” is a love story. We worked so hard, we worked all week on that performance,” she said in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
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While they were never in love, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga have nothing but good things to say about eachother. “She’s just so terribly charismatic and beautiful. When I met her, I thought, ‘If I can just harness that … then it’s just for me to mess up.’ But then, when we started working together, I realized, ‘Oh, oh, the sky’s the limit in terms of what she’s able to do and her commitment level,’” he recently said.
Lady Gaga currently stars in “House Of Gucci,” a role that promises more from the talented singer and performer. It’ll be released in theaters this Thanksgiving, on November 24th.
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