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Ben Miller recently appeared as the lecherous Lord Featherington in Netflix’s smash hit show Bridgerton, but before that he was probably best known for his role in comedy duo Armstrong and Miller alongside Pointless presenter Alexander Armstrong. Aside from these roles, Miller is also known for his portrayal of DI Richard Poole in Death In Paradise and these days he can be seen in ITV’s new crime drama Professor T. Ben also took the time to chat about his most recent Christmas book, Diary of a Christmas Elf

Ben, 55, has now exclusively updated Express.co.uk on whether he and his friend Alexander will reunite soon and start any future projects together. 
“We’d love to do something together,” the actor confirmed enthusiastically. 
“We’ve actually been doing a podcast, but we haven’t done an episode for a little while because we’ve both been a bit tied up”. 
The pair have a podcast called Armstrong and Miller: Timeghost, which they began back in May 2020 and last updated in May of this year. 
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In the podcast, the comedy duo take on the roles of Martin Bain-Jones (Alexander Armstrong) and Craig Children (Ben Miller), who review various pieces of culture.  
According to the description, the parody-style episodes feature “old colleagues and expert cultural commentators”, who “get together again to discuss the current cultural scene”. 
Ben said: “It’s where we talk about and review books, plays and films that we haven’t seen. 
“It’s brilliant and entirely based on our pre-existing prejudices.”

Going on to praise his friend for his many talents, Ben spoke about Alexander’s impressive musical knowledge. 
“Alexander presents on Classic FM as well – he really knows a lot about classical music,” Ben explained.
“He’s a trained classical musician, so his show about classical music is fantastic and he also talks about it in a really, really accessible way, you know?”
Armstrong and Miller initially aired between 1997 and 2001, before the pair later reunited after a six-year hiatus for a few more seasons of The Armstong and Miller Show from 2007 to 2010.
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Apart from his acting work, Ben has also been busy putting together his latest Christmas book, Diary of a Christmas Elf. 
The father-of-three revealed the touching story behind why he began writing festive offerings for children. 
“When my oldest child was about nine or ten, he started to doubt whether Father Christmas was real,” he explained.
“And I thought, ‘Well I have to write a story that will convince him that Father Christmas is real’.

“I wanted to write the origin story of Christmas and I wrote a story called The Night I Met Father Christmas about a boy called Jackson (my son’s name is Jackson) who meets him and learns all about how he became Father Christmas.”
After securing a publishing deal, Ben went on to write four more Christmas books, and his latest story, which follows the adventures of Tog the Christmas elf, came out just last week. 
Diary of a Christmas Elf by Ben Miller is out now  (Hardback, Simon & Schuster Children’s Books) to buy for £9.99.
The festive book has been described as “a funny and heartwarming story about the true meaning of gift giving” and also features beautiful illustrations by Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini.

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