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Eiza González no doubt has beauty, brains and some serious box office power. The Mexican actress has landed in the top five Highest Grossing Stars. Even more impressive? She is the only woman in the top five of the list, compiled by The Numbers. Eiza comes in at number five. Samuel L. Jackson topped the list, followed by Tom Holland, Liam Neeson and Will Smith respectively.

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Eiza was over the moon when sharing the news on her social media. “It may not be huge for some. For me, it is a moment that I never thought I would see. For my people, the Mexicans. Latinos ALWAYS BELIEVE. Because other people care about us and I care about you. I am very proud of this, please excuse me in advance because I know this is a bit cheesy, but I wanted to share it and thank you,” she wrote.
Though she has been acting for years, she drove onto the American big screen in Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver in 2017. González has been busy as of late. She lent her voice to Spirit Untamed, starred in Paradise Hills, and wowed audiences with her performance in I Care a Lot. 

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The list was compiled by assessing the box office numbers of each of their projects over the last three years. The more money your movie made, the more points an actor received. So, actors with more than one hit at the box office scored higher. Eiza had more points than Oscar Winners Margot Robbie (ranked 6th) and Brie Larson (ranked 8th). Eiza brought in over 1.4 billion dollars worldwide. Her biggest contributors were Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw, Bloodshot, and Godzilla vs. Kong.
“I remember how I felt hearing over and over again that a woman (insert here my ethnic origin or any stereotype related to me) was not a protagonist and that people did not care and still do not have an opportunity. And I keep going,” González wrote.
Gonzalez will keep going. Her next project is Ambulance, set for a 2022 release and also stars Jake Gyllenhaal.


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