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Fame and money can either bring success or downfall and for these Hollywood celebrities, things took a different turn. It is no wonder why a lot of media personalities create stunts and noises – they want attention.
Meanwhile, to be successful in the entertainment industry requires a bit of skill. Some little weirdness and eccentricity and they’re good to go. Check out this list of Hollywood’s creepiest celebrities and their weird habits.

Famous for his unending Mission: Impossible films, this action star is known for his strange antics both on and off-camera? Do you remember the time he hopped around Oprah’s couch and screamed his love for Katie Holmes? That was absolutely creepy, not to mention he was constantly preaching Scientology to their daughter Suri. Holmes had to protect her daughter from him hence the divorce.

One of the most beautiful and successful actresses in Hollywood, Angelina Jolie is quite known for being bizarre. The actress had been seen kissing his brother passionately and keeping a vial of blood around her neck. She also admitted to trying out almost every kind of drug and loving the sadomasochistic sex life.

The Joker from Suicide Squad might be Leto’s actual personality and not just a character to portray. His co-stars stated in a report that while they were filming, he gave them creepy gifts. He gave Margot Robbie a live rat, Will Smith a box of bullets, and then showed a video of a dead hog for the entire cast to see.

She is known for playing eccentric characters but that does not end when the filming is done. Helena was married to Tim Burton and they had separate places. She has a weird taste in fashion and in one of her interviews back in 2010, she promoted Avatar instead of her own movie, Alice in Wonderland.

As strange as his movies are, Woody Allen is not far from the characters he creates. In his movies, adults get in a relationship with teenagers and there isn’t much of a difference. Allen has been reportedly sexually harassing his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, since she was seven. Moreover, he actually married Soon-Yi Previn, one of his adopted daughters, after he broke up with his wife.

The Academy Award-winner actress is known for playing bizarre roles and apart from her strangely beautiful appearance, she was always a bit different. Swinton admitted in an interview that at four years old, she planned to murder her newborn brother. She wanted to get rid of him because having three brothers would be too much for her.

His career might have ended after it soared during his Transformers days but Shia is not done yet. The loss could have been too much for him to bear that he had to do public stunts to get attention. He went to Berlin Film Festival with a brown paper bag wrapped around his head with the words “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE.” He also hosted a live stream of all his films while crying and laughing. He is absolutely one of the creepiest celebrities.

The actor led a life that is far from normal starting from growing up in a cult family. He also changed his name to Leaf because people couldn’t pronounce ‘Joaquin’. He also announced in the Late Show that he decided to give up his acting career to become a rapper. This was later clarified as a mockumentary he was doing with Casey Affleck.

Franco did not have a clean record, in fact, he is known for being one of the creepiest celebrities who would text 17-year-old girls to meet him in a hotel. He would also send screenshots to the girls which contain lewd photos. Apart from this, he also asks for nude and sex scenes in movies he stars in and gets angry when the actress refuses.

There’s nothing weird about kissing a girl but collecting locks of hair from them is. The singer made a shocking revelation back in 2013 that she collects hair from different celebrities, including Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus.

In every list of creepiest celebrities, Charlie Sheen is always present. He is known for a lot of public issues involving drugs, alcohol, cheating, and property damages. He’s also reported to have records of domestic violence and death threats. Furthermore, after his HIV diagnosis, Sheen confessed to not taking his medications to try alternatives.

The actor is famously known for crashing the White House Press Conference to discuss baseball and a couple of strangers’ engagement pictorials as well. The Ghostbuster star was also spotted bartending during a festival where he broke someone’s nose by throwing a bottle for no reason at all.

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