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Discover Skyhorse’s book ‘Teatime at Grosvenor Square: An Unofficial Cookbook for Fans of Bridgerton’ by Dahlia Clearwater on Amazon.
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As one of the most popular streaming platforms, Netflix has produced many original shows and movies that have captured our attention. Fans can’t seem to get enough from fantasy shows like The Witcher to historical romances like Bridgerton and dramatic crime shows like Money Heist. For the person on your holiday shopping list constantly binging the latest releases, check out this gift guide filled with present ideas based on their favorite Netflix shows.
Discover Craft pendant’s ‘The Witcher’ necklace on Amazon.
This small token of gratitude will make any fan of The Witcher, and Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia excited for the upcoming second season. This replica necklace that Geralt wears in the show features the symbol of the Witcher on a silver chain.
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Discover Skyhorse’s book ‘Teatime at Grosvenor Square: An Unofficial Cookbook for Fans of Bridgerton’ by Dahlia Clearwater on Amazon.
After the Regency-era romance Bridgerton took over everyone’s television screens, fans became obsessed with everything to do with the show and book series. Add to your friend’s collection of books with this unofficial cookbook based on the Grosvenor Square family. This book contains 75 recipes ready for teatime that will impress any suitor.
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Discover Bella Ciao Fan Gift T-Shirt & Shirt ‘Money Heist’ city name shirt on Amazon.
In the crime drama Money Heist or in its native Spanish name La Casa de Papel, each group member has a name based on a city like Tokyo, Berlin, and Denver. Gift a fan of the show this shirt to demonstrate how much they love the series.
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Discover Hasbro’s ‘Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Starter Set’ on Amazon.
While fans patiently wait for the fourth season of Stranger Things, they can start playing one of the games the characters play: Dungeons & Dragons. However, this version of the classic roleplaying game has a fun Upside Down twist that fans will hopefully enjoy.
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Discover Funko’s ‘Squid Game’ Masked Worker Pop! on Amazon.
The breakout show of 2021 has to be the Korean drama Squid Game. Pop culture figurine maker Funko caught wind of these and has already released a Masked Worker Pop! for people to pre-order. So if you know a fan of the show, get them this Pop! before they order it for themselves.
Pre-order it: Amazon
Discover Creature Cups chess piece mug on Amazon.
After The Queen’s Gambit premiered on Netflix in 2020, not only did Anya Taylor-Joy become an A-list star, but everyone bought a chess set. So this year, continue honoring the show by gifting a fan this mug with a surprise chess piece hidden inside.
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Discover Mighty Mojo’s ‘Gentle Joe Tiger King’ 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle on Amazon.
Fans might’ve thought the adventures of Joe Exotic, or as we know him as “Tiger King,” were over after the show’s first season by the same name. However, fans were presented with season two and reignited the frenzy around the series. Add to the experience with this 1000-piece puzzle of the Tiger King.
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Discover Freedomtees’ ‘Lucifer’ Lux nightclub hoodie on Amazon.
Since Lucifer Morningstar no longer rules over Hell, he now presides over his nightclub in Los Angeles called Lux. Fans of the show will be very familiar with this location, and this hoodie will be a welcome addition for anyone who wishes to visit the establishment.
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Discover Mira Ltd.’s Virgin River book series 1 – 10 collection by Robyn Carr on Amazon.
Many fans of the romance drama show Virgin River might not realize that it’s based on the 25-book series written by Robyn Carr. Get fans of the show the first 10 books as a Christmas gift so they’ll have something to read into the new year while they wait for season four to premiere on Netflix.
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Discover GJTIM’s ‘Outer Banks’ socks on Amazon.
Anyone watching Outer Banks will know how addicting the teen drama show is. If someone on your list just can’t get enough of the adventures John B and his fellow Pogues get up to, these socks will help them accurately express how they’d rather be spending their time.
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Discover Crown Archetype’s The Official Companion books Volumes 1 and 2 by Robert Lacey on Amazon.
The Crown is based on the actual British royal family, and for those interested in learning more, these official companion volumes are the perfect gift to get them. Written by the show’s historical consultant, Robert Lacey, volume I covers the show’s first season starring Claire Foy. Volume II spans both hers and Olivia Colman’s tenures in seasons two and three.
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Buy Volume II: Amazon
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